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Posts from February 2010

Posted on February 23, 2010 by admin

We would like to welcome Erica Graholm to Steam Whistle Brewing. Erica will be joining Marek’s team as a brewer, working alongside Jeff and Carl. Erica has some great brewing experience, having previously worked for Amsterdam Brewing and Magnotta Brewing.  She attended the prestigious Versuchs-und Lehranstalt fur Brauerei (VLB) in Berlin, Germany where she studied to become a certified brewmaster. We are excited that Erica is joining the Steam Whistle Brew Team and we wish her every success.


Filed under: Brewery Life

Posted on February 23, 2010 by admin

In August last year we debuted our Steam Whistle green decorated Chevy Camaro. One of our investors sent photos of the new Steam Whistle Camaro to her friend, who runs the paint shop at GM in Oshawa. He printed them off and passed them around at a management meeting. Do you think Steam Whistle has inspired Chevrolet’s new car colour?? You be the judge. See the attached comparison photo above and the debut story here.


Filed under: Brewery Life