Posted on May 24, 2010 by Liz

Sponsored by Victoria Spirits www.victoria at The Royal York Hotel

WINNERS!!!!!!!!!! Sybil Taylor, Media Marketing Maven, attended a poncey – media event at The Royal York Hotel and when talking to the Media Rep Melanie she learned of an event to be held over the May 24 weekend at the hotel, The First Annual Queen Victoria Lookalike Contest.  Well I do have a bizarre interest in these dead royals so I immediately contacted one of my greatest friends, Elizabeth Fitzgerald (Steam Whistle Alumni. Elizabeth is the image of a young widowed Victoria. Once she had parted her hair in the middle and affixed a doily type widows peak and small diamond crown to herself we were looking into the face of Queen V…costume: homemade by Elizabeth, more doilies, a bussel made of neon pink netting and a black bed sheet sewn together at breakneck speed were the makings of our Victoria. I myself choose to attend as Princess Alexandrine of Baden, sister in law of her majesty, to assist the Queen in anyway necessary.

What we once thought was going to be an afternoon of dressing up and sitting around drinking tea turned into a media event worthy of The Royal Family. One thing that really spirited us on was the belief that our dearly departed Mothers would be so proud of us, at the Royal York, being served tea with Tiaras on!!! It appeared that Victoria’s were to perform in a Victoria Style Pageant with a backstage, and a fashion show style ramp…and THERE WERE MANY PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE! This was not what we envisioned at all… Liz was totally up for this and the minute she hit the catwalk she went into high camp comedic behavior mode. This was no retiring morbidly repressed Vicky but one that Monty Python would highly approve of….even though she lost out on a round of musical royal chairs..her reaction when she lost and ran from the room had the crowd in hysterics….not to mention her talent portion was filled with her interpolation of Queen Vic posing for Victorian photographs. Of course she turned this also into a Victorian farce…the audience was roaring in laughter…. You may watch the following video for a better idea of what transpired.