Posted on August 29, 2011 by Marina

There’s nothing like dressing up for the occasion when you’re going out for some Oktoberfest entertainment and 1L steins of Steam Whistle.

The “Dirndl” is the name for the traditional dress worn by women and commonly seen at Oktoberfest.  The dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron.

The placement of the knot on the Dirndl apron is sometimes an indicator of the woman’s marital status. When this is so, a knot tied on the woman’s left side indicates she is single, a knot tied on the right means she is married, engaged or otherwise “taken”, and a knot tied at the back means the woman is widowed.

Photo Cred:
Mark Zanzig/zettpress

The “Lederhosen” is traditionally worn by males and typicall consists of a dress shirt, leather trousers (lederhosen), wool socks, haferl shoes.

Traditional Bavarian Dress for men
Photo Cred:
Mark Zanzig/zettpress
*traditionally the socks worn by men are wool but as seen here, there have been alternations.

Two Good Beer Folks Greg (cofounder) and Sybil (communications director) dressed for the part at Steam Whistle’s Oktoberfest 2012.

Look forward to seeing your outfits this September 17th!

Cheers folks!