Posted on September 16, 2011 by Marina

Many of us are proud Canadians but how far are you willing to take your pride and loyalty to this great nation?

Meet Darren Barefoot.

Darren takes the meaning of living Canadian to the next level. For the next 12 months, he will only buy Canadian products, eat Canadian food and consume Canadian media (including internet!) To make sure he doesn’t slip off the path – he is documenting the process through his website which will be followed by a book in 2012.

What is Darren’s motive ?

“I’m interested in what I consume. Not in a high-minded I’m-green-locavore-snob way, but in a “where does this stuff come from?” way. I’ve always liked shows like How It’s Made, where we get the origin of our stuff…I’ll also admit to being somebody who’s concerned about our environment–I’ve been writing about it and working for it for years.”

But how can you ever escape the mainstream pop culture?

Darren has taken a liking to some shows such as Being Erica and Dan for Mayor while other cultural aspects have been easier: he’s currently reading John Vaillant’s The Golden Spruce. He has a membership at the Vancouver Art Gallery (where this year he’ll look only at Canadian work), while the Cowboy Junkies and Vancouver’s Dan Mangan are among his favourite musicians.

Is it more expensive to live Canadian?

Darren predicts that the cost of living Canadian will even out once his experiment is completed.  
Purchasing Canadian food and household goods sometimes may be 33 per cent more but it is offset by cutting out activities such as going to see movies (he only went to 5 this year VS 40 last year).

His ultimate goal?

“I’d like to convince people to buy a few more Canadian things, watch more Canadian television, support Canadian magazines – I’d like to see a week of Canadian buying every year.”

We asked you folks on our Facebook page if you would consider taking up the 3,000 miles diet. Based on your responses, it doesn’t seem like anyone is willing to give up their routine anytime soon….

To follow Darren through the year, connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.