Posted on October 20, 2011 by Marina

Halloween is approaching, and we’re throwing a party. Two actually!

We embrace a reason to dress up, hang out with your friends and drink some fresh cold Pilsners so without a doubt this year’s evenings will be filled with just that.

For those who don’t have tickets to either of the sold out events, do not worry. If you’re interested in coming out there will be limited tickets at the doors and traditionally, those who have gotten here before 9pm were able to get in.

One of the best parts about Halloween is being able to dress up and without a doubt; the Good Beer Folks who come out to our party definitely have some of the best costumes! Just take a look:

More Halloween photos can be seen here and here.

To help you get ready for Halloween this year, we’ve compiled some costume ideas. Take a look:

Dirndls & lederhosen.
Oktoberfest may have passed but what a great excuse to bring out your dirndls & lederhosen second time around? You folks looked fantastic at our first annual Oktoberfest party and we’d love to see you all dressed up again.

See more Oktoberfest photos here. 

Steam Whistle Beerfest Hats
If anyone kept their Steam Whistle Beerfest hats, it might not be a bad idea to reuse them. Perhaps your inner viking (Steam Whistle style) is just waiting to come out…

Beer Bottle
Because who doesn’t love beer at a party? :)

Source: Bottle 1 & Bottle 2  

Beer Keg
Just in case you want to take it a step up from the beer bottle…

Beer Pong Table
A creative costume that’s bound to be a conversation starter.


Eco-friendly halloween costumes

As a side note, many of the above costumes can be made using resources in your own home. There are plenty of green costumes that save money and reduce impact on our planet so here are some ideas to get your creativity flowing…. 
Steam Whistle Bottle
The DIY version as seen at our Halloween party last year!

Or other food can be easily made using some clothing items and cloth.

Recycled Umbrella Bat

Simple and awesome.

For more ideas on eco friendly and green costumes, take a look at 

Share with us some interesting costumes.
What will you be dressing up as this year?