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Posts from October 2011

Posted on October 14, 2011 by Marina

We love art and helping the arts community. This is why every month we host a free exhibit in our gallery space showcasing local creative talent. Whether established artists (see Kieslowski in Posters, pre-TIFF party and our upcoming Toronto Draws TinTin November Exhibit) or showing for the first time we welcome you to submit your work!   The artists receive the following:


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Posted on October 4, 2011 by Marina

Thanksgiving – a time to gather with friends and family and be thankful for everything we have. And let’s not forget about the delicious food and beer that truly go hand in hand with the holiday. Photo cred: ataleoftwobrewers In helping you prepare, here are some recipe ideas as you start thinking about plans for your Thanksgiving dinner. Starters Steam Whistle Beer Bread


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