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Posts from November 2011

Posted on November 29, 2011 by Marina

Imagine it’s 4:49pm on a Friday afternoon. You’ve been working hard all week long and you can’t wait to go home to enjoy a delicious and relaxing beer to reward yourself for all your efforts this week.  But wait – all of a sudden you hear a Steam Whistle. Could it be? You turn around…. And there it is: cart full of thirst quenching cold Pilsners. So what would you say if Steam Whistle showed up at your work place on Friday at 5pm? Your responses were similar to what Centre for Social Innovation did when Steam Whistle showed up to […]


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Posted on November 23, 2011 by Marina

With fall is coming to an end with winter just around the corner, we know that some of you Good Beer Folks might be getting cold…. Not to worry – Steam Whistle to the rescue! We have 3 pairs of these stylish Steam Whistle toques and scarves to give away:   Chris & Emily, Retail Tell us below – how do you keep warm with Steam Whistle in the winter? We will randomly pick three names from the comments on Monday November 28th. Cheers, Marina.  


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Posted on November 16, 2011 by Marina

Last month, I opened my inbox to receive an email titled “Make your own Cam & Greg out of paper”.  It was from Sally in Toronto who wrote in: “I made a paper version of Greg and Cam. I hope this does not mean my love of Steam Whistle has gone too far!” Too far? NO WAY! What a creative Good Beer Folk I thought. I couldn’t  help but be intrigued to find out more about this Sally from Toronto and to share her story with you….


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