Posted on November 29, 2011 by Marina

Imagine it’s 4:49pm on a Friday afternoon. You’ve been working hard all week long and you can’t wait to go home to enjoy a delicious and relaxing beer to reward yourself for all your efforts this week.  But wait – all of a sudden you hear a Steam Whistle. Could it be? You turn around…. And there it is: cart full of thirst quenching cold Pilsners.

So what would you say if Steam Whistle showed up at your work place on Friday at 5pm?

Your responses were similar to what Centre for Social Innovation did when Steam Whistle showed up to their offices with some “Quitting Time” beer!

So what exactly is “Quitting Time”? Simply put, it’s the Good Beer Folks rewarding fellow Good Beer Folks with some fresh brews at the end of the day.

A while back, Sheena from CareerMash wrote in to us sharing her story:

“I work for an inspiring non-profit worthy of being rewarded by Steam Whistle. The Canadian Coalition for Tomorrow’s ICT Skills was created to change the way people in Canada see technology and IT careers – starting with high school students. We’re truly a dedicated and hard-working team with a passion for education and technology. I feel so fortunate to be a part of it.

The CSI building is a great place to work! I have met so many people doing such influential and inspirational things. It has actually changed my life.”

A great story that just had to be rewarded!

“Quitting Time” provides a reward at the end of your day with a surprise visit from Steam Whistle after a long week to celebrate your work. So far, we have surprised some of our friends at CSI, Hot Docs, Princess Margaret Hospital, Free the Children, and Bullfrog Power. All of these people have done tremendous work in raising awareness for each of their causes and we’re honoured to partner with them.

But we don’t only reward organizations.

If you want to share a story about yourself, a friend, a family member or your workplaces and what you do really, really well – we’d love to hear it! You might just be the next person who gets rewarded with Quitting Time! Email

You never know, you might just get the next surprise:

Thanks to My City Lives for the photos & the video!


Cheers folks!