Posted on December 7, 2011 by Marina

Beer is our friend.

And whether hosting or attending a party, one gift that all hosts love to receive is
the gift of beer.

Pictured: Good Beer Folk Deidre.

Yet at times, the delicious brew still can get a bad rep from party hosts (women in particular!) Whether shunned by those trying to watch their holiday weight or replaced at the dinner table by wine….

It breaks the hearts of fellow beer lovers everywhere, am I right folks?

So here we go – this December we invite all your party people to raise a glass of our national beverage myth & guilt free!


Myth #1: Beer has more calories than a box of chocolate truffles.

There might be no denying that any alcoholic beverage isn’t calorie or carbohydrate free but to put this in perspective, one regular 12 ounce bottle of beer contains on average 13 grams of carbs and 150 calories. One vodka and cranberry: 18 grams of carbs, 172 calories. One daiquiri, made at home with a mix: 49 grams of carbs, 314 calories. And, with calories per ounce half that of wine, beer offers a fairly generous portion with some of the lowest calories of any alcoholic beverage.

Myth #2: Beer is not as sophisticated as wine or spirits.

Beer can be as nuanced and delicate as a subdued rosé or as bold as a robust red.  The quality of ingredients is important. The same way that a good grape harvest makes for better wine, a good barley harvest makes for better beer. And let’s not forget about the hops – the spice of beer in the form of a clover-like bud responsible for the bitterness.  Paired with imaginations of  different brew masters, you can find an incredible offering of beers for any taste buds.

Myth #3: Beer doesn’t have a place at the dining table.

Some of the most interesting cuisine in the world that insprie Canada’s fusion cooking is traditionally served with beer. Just think of all the Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Mexican dishes. Pilsners specifically are great for cutting the heat on spicy food, quenching your thirst after savory foods, and cleansing your palate after fatty foods while getting your mouth ready to taste again. But we won’t bore you with words, try some recipes out for yourself  You might just get something like this:


We think that it’s safe to say:  invite beer to your party this holiday season.

Happy Holidays from the folks at Steam Whistle!!!!