Posted on December 23, 2011 by Marina

New year’s resolutions don’t always have to revolve around joining a gym or breaking a bad habit. Though those items are important, you can make a list of things that are a little bit more exciting and seem less of a chore. This is where the beer comes in (funny how it always works that way, isn’t it?)


Expand your love and knowledge of craft beer by adding one of these resolutions to your list:

 1. Introduce someone to craft beer.
Ask your server for a craft brew, buy someone a craft beer at a bar, do your part in helping the Ontario Craft Brewers!

2. Educate others about craft beer.
Wine often has a reputation for being a more sophisticated choice for a dinner party but that is not necessarily true, as you may have read in our Cheese & Beer and Breaking Beer Myths blogs. Do your part in educating others about the delicious beverage and break the myths that can be associated with beer.

3. Try different craft beers.  
Experiment with variety of excellent brews from our friends in the Ontario Craft Brewers Association. Just don’t forget to come back to your beloved Canadian Czech style Pilsner.  We will be waiting!

4. Participate in Ontario Craft Beer Week. 
This event kicks off Father’s Day and will include a variety of events around craft beer education and tastings. Not to be missed!

5. Cook with craft beer and experiment with a variety of pairings.
To help you get started we have a variety of recipes on our website (over 150 to be exact!) for every occasion. Check them out here. Drunken shrimp anyone?

6. Give craft beer or merchandise as a present.
We found a solution to regifting and terrible gifts. I mean, who doesn’t love the gift of beer?! For instance, we have a brewery store and an e-store where a variety of items like our wall mounted openers and boots that can be purchased, as well as our holiday packs with a To&From tag for easy wrapping. Explore some craft brewers and what they have to offer!

7. Read up on history of craft.
Start with some Craft Beer 101 from Ontario Brewers Association.

8. Explore your own craft beer history.
We recommend the Old Toronto Beer Tour that takes you on a walking and tasting tour of Toronto’s beer history. Explore what your town has to offer.

9. Bring craft beer to a party.
And don’t forget to tell the beer’s story!

10. Visit a craft brewery.
See the process of how your favourite brew is made and meet the people that help to make it happen. We hope you come visit us for a taste of brewery fresh beers and see what’s brewing in our kitchen:


Support local & Canadian beer folks!

P.S. Try to not end up like this guy.