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…And the host of Rain’s World.

Raina Douris is a former on-air personality & Indie Online curator for 102.1 the Edge. She currently hosts her show Rain’s World, where she has bands come to her house, drink, talk music and occasionally make some crafts. It doesn’t get more personal than that. Former guests include Tokyo Police Club, The Elwins, & Unsigned alumni The Darcys (photo below).

She describes Rain’s World as…

I have bands come visit my basement apartment, where we do fun things like make arts & crafts and talk about feelings. Often, we laugh. Sometimes, we cry. Usually… we drink.

It’s an interview that’s not an interview! It’s an apartment that looks like a burrito take-out place! It’s uncomfortably revealing! It’s Rain’s World!

The Good Beer Folks and Raina became friends immediately upon our first meeting, bonding over our love for indie music, arts and the colour green (see Raina’s wallpaint).

Good beer folks had the pleasure to chat with Raina about her ultimate dream of interviewing bands in her basement apartment, her knack for trivia, failed dreams of running a burrito place and of course, music.

Good Beer Folk Marina: For those who don’t know, who is Raina?

Raina:  I’m a small town girl who came to the big city with a dream: to interview bands in my basement bachelor apartment and put those interviews online. And, already, here in my mid-twenties, I have achieved said dream! I guess you could say… I’m a dreamcatcher. That’s what a dreamcatcher does, right? Sure.

I love music. I love art. I love trivia and I can defeat you easily in Jeopardy. I can quote Billy Madison from start to finish. I have a tattoo on my ankle that says “Internet” that a lot of people think is really stupid but I think is really, really awesome.

Also, I’m a cat person. Not a cat LADY. A cat PERSON. What I’m trying to say here is: I like cats? And also pizza.

Good Beer Folk Marina: How did you first get started?

Raina: When I first moved into my apartment- which is painted bright yellow and green, my friends immediately said “Hey! This looks like a burrito joint! Let’s open one!”

Turns out, you need a ‘license’ to open a restaurant. And ‘safety standards.’ And ‘cooking ability.’ So I decided it would be easier to just have my friends over for beer instead… and film it. Through my previous job at 102.1 the Edge, my group of friends included lots of musicians – so it just made sense to start this video series. Plus, Raina almost rhymes with Wayne. Y’know, if you take the A off. Rain’s World was born!

Good Beer Folk Marina: What’s the best part about Rain’s World?

Raina: Getting interesting people into my apartment and having them do things they wouldn’t normally do in an interview, like lie on the ground and do puppet shows.

Good Beer Folk Marina: Any bands you recommend for us to check out?

Raina: This question is impossible. Two of my big Toronto favourites are Hollerado and Zeus- but there are so many. I’d use up this site’s whole bandwidth if I were going to list them… but I’ll try. Some bands to watch are The Darcys, The Elwins, Topanga, Dirty Mags, Dinosaur Bones… seriously. There are too many. The last band I got REALLY into was JEFF the Brotherhood. They’re from Nashville, and eventually I hope to lure them into my basement. In the most non-creepy way possible.



There’s this great interview were David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) interviews himself. Pure gold… and anything that Nardwuar does.


Dakota Tavern- even though it has no cellphone service. The Horseshoe & Sneaky Dees … but really, my ideal concert would be outside in the sun, in a park, in the summer.


Talking Heads is my all time favourite.


LCD Soundsystem at Sasquatch Music Festival in 2010. They were playing “All My Friends” and the sun was setting over this giant gorge and it started to rain. I cried. I CRIED. It was amazing.


Drawing- pen & ink. Here’s a sample.

Check out the latest episode of Rain’s World, ft. The Darcys below:

Remember folks: Support your local band, and beer :)