Posted on January 30, 2012 by Marina

The Big Game is near.

(Greg & Jeremy)

And with the upcoming Game Day, we all have another excuse to throw a party.

Here are some party tips to help you out:


Get creative with snack trays.

And we mean, REALLY creative. Check out these food trays for inspiration.

Source: InFlexWeTrust, HolyTaco, & 9Gag.

For something more, DYI – how about serving food in a football helmet? Just flip one over, secure it and put smaller bowls of dip inside.

Beer delivered right to your door.

What’s game day without beer?  There’s nothing like  fresh beer and better yet being able to pour your own pint,  just remember to drink responsibly. As American ball parks and stadiums are beginning to stock craft beer, we invite football fans to call Steam Whistle Home Delivery hotline. Keep it local!

Good Beer Folks promise to take good care of you.

Food and beer.

Food is key to any party, after all it goes hand in hand with beer so why not combine the two? The big game calls for delicious recipes, like Moose Brewski ChiliCaboose Chili and more beer chili. And bacon wrapped poppers.


Football sweets.

You’d be surprised at the in theme recipes you’ll find, like these football jigglers.


It’s not all about food and beer (although it’s a pretty significant part). This is your chance to also get creative with the decor.  Jerseys, streamers, face paint… just make sure your guests are in the know so you don’t end up the only one with  face paint.

Friendly competition.

You can also make it fun and create some friendly competition by recording everyone’s game predictions before kick-off, offering a door prize for the best guess.

Last but not least: Buffalo Chicken Wing Cupcakes.

As suggested by @KempOnMute ….

Recipe can be found here.

What does your perfect game day Sunday include?

Happy planning!