Posted on February 23, 2012 by Marina

TheGrid recently published an article titled “The Birth of Lager” featuring this informative chart:

For all those folks who just can’t get enough beer science, we’re taking this chart  a step further.

Our Grain

We brew a 100% malt beer, using 2-Row malted prairie barley from Canada Malting (mainly from Saskatchewan but also Alberta), all GMO-free.  We use 2-Row barley because it is premium and a grade A version relating to larger kernel size, better extract, protein, and enzyme levels, as well as higher price. By comparison,  the 6-row barley is typically less expensive and lower quality.


While harvested as pale green flowers from a climbing vine, these hops all come to us in pelletized form, vacuum sealed for optimum storage to preserve their flavours over the year until the next hop’s harvest.

The four hops variety in our Pilsner are from Germany’s Hallertau region and the Saazer region of the Czech Republic. Our Brewmaster Marek use these types of hops specifically to brew accordingly to a traditional Czech style Pilsner recipe.


Our water comes from Canadian Springs in Caledon. This water was selected for its purity, making it unnecessary to be filtered or treated before using for brewing (which can be a common practice in breweries using municipal tap water).

Our fermentation time is typically 7 days (yeast being a live product, this can vary from 6-7 days) and ageing is typically for 21 days (21-25 days), making it in total a 4 week time frame..

We also use a double Decoction method of brewing which involves twice taking a small portion of wort out of the Lauter Tun and boiling it in the Mash Tun and then returning it back to the Lauter Tun. The result of the decoction method is to fully extract the fermentable sugars out of the barley and to essentially carmelize them, contributing to our golden colour, a ‘cleaner’ beer with higher residual sugar, and a fuller, creamier head on the beer.

Combine all that with Good Beer Folk passion and what do you get?

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Beer cheers!