Posted on March 28, 2012 by Marina

Love Canadian music?

Then this new online music series is for you.

This year we have partnered with our friends from (Canada’s leading music site) to bring you a new online show Noisemakers.

Supporting independent Canadian musicians has always been a huge part of what we do here at Steam Whistle and Noisemakers provides an opportunity to further showcase fantastic Canadian talent. So far Luke Lalonde of the Born Ruffians, 8 and a Half, and Little Scream have all been spotlighted and if you haven’t yet heard of them, we definitely recommend you take a look here.

We’re really excited about this partnership and had a quick chat with CHARTattack’s editor Dan Busheikin only to confirm they feel the same. Cheers to that!

Why is and Steam Whistle a great fit for Noisemakers?

Steam Whistle loves independent music, and so do we. I grew up watching beer ads that were all about partying and semi-nude women, and so it’s amazing to engage with a beer brand that actually has a genuine passion for something other than being the coolest dude at the bar. Steam Whistle and CHARTattack have a mutual appreciation for interesting new music, and it’s been a huge honour to work with you on such a rewarding project.

As Canada’s premier music website, where do you see the country’s indie music scene headed?

I think the key to Canada’s indie music scene is in innovation and risk taking. Almost all of the Canadian indie acts that have captured international attention over the past five years or so – Austra, The Weeknd, Timber Timbre, tUnE-yArds, and of course Arcade Fire come to mind – have embodied that spirit.

What’s your objective with Noisemakers?

Our objective with Noisemakers is not just to record live performances and interviews, but to capture the essence of an artist. We also want it to look and sound amazing, because we’re neurotic like that.

Check out the first episode of Noisemakers below and make sure to head over to for more awesome music.