Posted on May 2, 2012 by Marina

Who is the one person everyone is happy to see at their door?

The beer delivery guy.

Meet Ben Taylor from Steam Whistle home delivery. If you’re not familiar with our home delivery program, take a look. We also suggest that you save the number, especially with the summer approaching.

Ben helps bring the party to you and delivers fresh beer to your door step, while bringing smiles for all.  Want to learn more about the most popular guy arriving at the party?

Read below.

How did you start working at Steam Whistle?

The year was 2006. I was watching Canada’s men’s Olympic hockey team lose to Switzerland, drinking Steam Whistle. I thought a brewery would be a great place to work (and the beer was getting me through the heartbreak of watching Team Canada come up short) so I applied. A few months later (and few beers during my first interview) I was in.

What’s your favourite thing about working at a brewery?

I love being surrounded by people who share my passion for beer.

Most bizarre Home Delivery story?

I set up a keg and flash cooler in the back yard of a really nice family whose dog repeatedly nipped at my ankles despite the fact that “he’s never normally like this!” Do you think he was after me again when I picked up the keg? You better believe it!

Favourite home delivery moment?

I once delivered a 50 litre keg to four guys on a Saturday, and when I went to pick it up the next day they were still up, and finishing off the last pitcher. What champs! I also set up a kegger for a guy in the metal band Amplitusion which was pretty cool. He showed me a bottle of Japanese liquor that contained a snake and gave me a cd. Moments like these make me love my job.

You asked….

I’m always on call after doing a draught setup. I need to make sure the beer is pouring perfectly. The only problem I can’t solve is if you run out of beer! Chances are I’m at a party of my own.

I bring beer to events our marketing department sponsor in addition to the home deliveries. I’d say 100+ cases and 20+ kegs. And I’m proud to say it was all consumed!

It takes a pretty understanding girl to date an old Home Delivery soldier like myself and I found one through my work as “Mr January” in the limited edition 2009 “Men of Steam Whistle” calendar. She even designed my beer mug tattoo (below)!

See craziest story above and I have to give my “expert opinion” on how the beer tastes, so I will often have a beer at my last delivery of the day. Especially the nearby condos that I deliver on foot. Some of my favourite calls.

A lot of times I’m behind the wheel of one of our vintage vehicles that attracts a lot more attention from nostalgic old men! Although some of my team members are a real hit with housewives and sorority girls.

The 50 litre kegs are 150lbs. But if you ask me I’ll tell you they’re 175! I get quite a workout hauling multiple kegs up stairs. It’s a great way to keep the beer-belly in check!