Posted on May 29, 2012 by Marina

What’s the story behind Steam Whistle retro golden openers this year?

For those who have been wondering, we’re finally letting you know. (Well, sort of!)

Every year between April – June,  in order to make it easier for beer lovers to open and enjoy our Pilsner, we include a retro style opener inside our suitcase 12 packs. This is our 8th year in running this promotion and we’ve included thousands of these openers in our cases!

But wait a minute….. this year we decided to make it extra special and hid a limited number of Golden Openers throughout the specially marked cases.  These openers are actually dipped in 10kt gold and are meant to serve as a random reward and thank you to our drinkers for all the support throughout the years.

So what does this Golden Opener mean?

That varies and you have to get one to find out! Though we’ve been approached by a few of our drinkers who drew various comparisons…. This photo was emailed in by Derek.

Meet Luke – one of the lucky Golden Opener finders.

Luke visited our brewery with his friends for a truly Golden Good Beer Folk experience filled with European delicacies and brewery fresh Pilsner, while also learning about beer history and our Brewery. Not to mention the special surprises along the way…

Note the Golden Opener around Luke’s neck!

What was Luke’s strategy in finding the in case Golden Opener?

Found at Bathurst and Dupont Streets, Toronto. Now, I tend to choose the third or fourth case down the line. A freshness thing. But in this case my golden dog helped me retrieve the golden opener. She popped her head out my (wish it was gold) vehicle, with that “you better get back here quick or you’ll have golden seats” look (get it?) which is oh-so-cute. So I mystically grabbed the first box, wherein lay the fancy, nay mythical “Golden Opener.”

This Golden Opener was but a golden glimmer sitting all sneaky-like in the bottom of the green box. Loudly its leash said “YOU FOUND ME!” much as I have done in times past upon numerous beaches around the world.

Any tips for those trying to find our limited edition Golden Opener?

Eat a healthy breakfast, treat people nicely, mow your (or your neighbour’s) lawn. Listening to early Cheap Trick seems to help too. I reserve the right to revise this recipe upon scoring the next Golden Opener!

Favourite moment on your brewery tour?

The experience was beautiful, with a knowledgeable guide (the incomparable Rylan) taking us through the intricate mechanisms of the Roundhouse where it all begins.

Other Golden Opener finders & prizes include:

Noel from London, ON with his party pack. 


Lemmy from Toronto who received a Steam Whistle party at his cottage. 

There’s a few more Golden Openers out there folks…. Happy hunting! ;)