Posted on June 6, 2012 by Marina

Ben Taylor, from Steam Whistle Home Delivery, has been often referred to as Ontario’s Best Friend. Who doesn’t love the guy who brings beer to the party?

His introduction was earlier on the blog with a short Q&A. Back by popular demand, Ben will be sharing home delivery stories from the road with us monthly.

What’s it like doing a home delivery to one of the Golden Opener finders?

I work in an industry where early mornings are not always welcome. And for some, the definition of “early” is any time before noon.

When I showed up to bring a keg and portable draft unit to Lemmy, one of our Golden Opener finders, he was still in bed. Lemmy works at a bar, and 11:45 is prime sleeping time. But I have never seen someone go from groggy to gung-ho so fast! In addition to the keg, Steam Whistle also sent a gift basket. Not a fruit basket where you have to tear it apart to find something good, but a BEER gift basket. T shirts, bottle openers, pint glasses, a glass boot, hats, tour passes, whistles…all the cool stuff! Lemmy seemed very impressed.

He told me he planned on taking the keg to a the birthday party for his girlfriend’s sister, something they celebrate every year at the cottage. Only this year, thanks to a bit of luck, they will celebrate Steam Whistle-style.

I asked Lemmy how he came into possession of the Golden Opener: “I was working a bar shift, and I needed a bottle opener actually, and this random guy who just came from the Beer Store and had just bought a case of Steam Whistle, and he said he had all these openers…” and so Lemmy was GIVEN the golden opener, as though the Beer Gods wanted it to be that way. Lemmy will of course be buying a case of Steam Whistle for this “random guy” the next time he sees him.

When I met up with Lemmy after the weekend to collect the keg (which was bone-dry, nice work Lemmy!) he told me that everyone was very impressed and the keg was a real hit. I got a real kick out of the genuine surprise he had for just how cool this promotion is. I’d say it was a solid (gold) success!