Posted on July 4, 2012 by Marina

Our Ben Taylor is a popular guy.

After all, who doesn’t love the guy who brings you beer? It’s not uncommon to have someone hold the door for Ben, or offer to help him out once they see a 50L keg. It could be the false hope that if you hold a door open for Ben, he will reward you with a cold one. Or, as Ben likes to say, it could be the case of “beer chivalry”.

(Thanks Pete Nema for the photo)

Everyone’s always nice to The Steam Whistle Guy. People are always happy to see The Steam Whistle Guy. People hold doors open for The Steam Whistle Guy.

I am The Steam Whistle Guy, although I am not the only one. We are always on the move, spreading happiness and joy in the form of delicious beer. Beer in kegs, bottles, cans…ready to help you take the party to the next level. I can honestly say it is one of the most satisfying jobs in existence. The response is universally positive from everyone I deal with. I’M BRINGING THEM BEER. I love beer myself, so I understand completely.

In my years on the job I have noticed how important people think beer is. I’m always blown away when complete strangers go out of their way to hold the door open (beer chivalry???) for me when I have six 24s on my dolly, or a 50L keg and flash cooler. Beer is respected. I think sheer MAGNITUDE of a KEG OF BEER inspires awe. I get a lot of “hey, you just put that in my trunk”, “I’m a lawyer, let me take your CASE” and other such jokes, as do all my Steam Whistle brethren. It just goes to show the good feeling beer inspires in us all. People on the street assure me they could drink an entire keg, if I would just make it “fall off the truck”, and I still find it amusing.

People love to see a Steam Whistle truck cruising down the street and I get a mixture of “hey give me a beer” signals and catcalls…from men. I can’t drive through a construction site without it! Sometimes I have to check the mirror to make sure I haven’t transformed into a busty blonde.

Well, maybe the world is fine after all if beer is this popular.