Posted on August 14, 2012 by Marina

Ben decided to get an outsider’s perspective on life as a Steam Whistle Home Delivery driver, bringing his girlfriend Vanessa Vakharia, on the road for a day.

They called it the “Take Your Girlfriend to Work Day”.

Here’s what she thought:

What was the highlight of your day working Home Delivery?

Oh MAN that’s a toughy. Okay, I’d say a toss up between the explosive joy on people’s faces when we roll up to their cribs with 30 Litres of golden goodness, and the satisfaction of chugging my hard-earned post-work beer, fresh from the brewery!

What was the most surprising part of your shift?

Honestly, probably how hot and sweaty I got! Here I thought that my boyfriend had the most chillaxing job, you know, rocking beers all day with future keg-partiers, but man oh MAN is there a lot of hard work that goes into setting up those promo parties (and I barely even did any of the work!)! Who would have thought that ICE WAS SO HEAVY!!!!!

Describe people’s reactions to Lumpy, the 1949 International pickup truck.

People’s reactions to Lumpy were essentially a continuous de-ja vu of people’s reactions to my BF, Ben Taylor’s facial hair. Every 5 minutes someone was pointing, hollering, photographing….endless!

I felt like Ginger Spice circa 1995 sitting in that passenger seat. Straight up.

What did you find difficult about delivering beer?

Not drinking it all. Although, since Ben was my DD, I didn’t *have* to find it THAT difficult:)

Did you learn any new skills, or gain any useful knowledge?


First of all, Benjamin was a wealth of knowledge to not only me – but our customers! Who knew that there were 88 beers in a 30L keg?! Also – pretty cool fact – those Steamwhistle keg cups are biodegradable and actually need to be kept out of the sun to prevent them from melting!

Most importantly, I am now officially going to be THAT cool chick at the keg party who can change the keg! Plus, I actually don’t understand how people have keg parties WITHOUT SW’s awesome flash coolers. It makes it SO MUCH EASIER. You people are living in the stone age! A hand pump?! Seriously?! GET WITH THE TIMES!

What do you think impresses people most about Home Delivery?

Well, there are a few things. First of all, the fact that it’s actually THAT easy to throw a kickass kegger and know what you’re doing. The whole SW keg-party kit is (pretty much) drunken-idiot proof! As long as you keep adding ice, you’re good to go. Secondly, the home delivery dudes are SO nice (and handsome and strong) that it’s a total treat when they roll up – they’re pretty much a party on wheels. Their FACES are pretty much a pre-game! Lastly…HELLO! A KEG PARTY IS BEING DELIVERED TO YOUR HOUSE AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER!