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Posts from October 2012

Posted on October 29, 2012 by Marina

Unfiltered Steam Whistle Pilsner is Pilsner taken before the full process is completed. If you’ve had one of our unfiltered Pilsner samples, it must have been at a one off special events as it is not available for sale anywhere. Steins of unfiltered Steam Whistle at Steam Whistle’s Oktoberfest party.  What exactly is Unfiltered Steam Whistle Pilsner? Unfiltered Steam Whistle comes from an earlier stage in the brewing process than you are used to receiving – after it has been brewed with the same four natural ingredients, fermented for a week, cold-aged for 3 weeks, but just before it has […]


Filed under: Brewery Life

Posted on October 24, 2012 by Marina

“The only place in Barrie with the best selection of craft beers on tap!” The Local Gastropub announces this proud and bold – cheers to that! Meet Scott – the owner of the Barrie gem filled with craft beer taps, fresh local food and blackboards to capture favourite memories created right at the pub. What is your experience in the industry and how did you get started in the business? I started in Scotland when I was young working as a chefs apprentice, from there got promoted to a hotel in London and since then have cooked along with my wife […]


Filed under: Brewery Life

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Marina

Learning how to taste beer will deepen your appreciation for the craft of brewing and the attention to detail that goes into perfecting each sample. After all, there are many appearances, smells, tastes, and mouthfeels associated with each sample and it takes a certain skill to be able to distinguish them. So, what are some beer tasting tips? Meet Trish Yee, Steam Whistle Quality Control specialist and host of Steam Whistle taste panels as she gives tips on what it takes to host a taste panel.   Anyone who has ever experienced the delight of a pint will understand what I […]


Filed under: Brewery Life