Posted on October 2, 2012 by Marina

Guest post by Ben Taylor.

Ever wonder who receives Steam Whistle delivered right to their door step most?
Meet Mike Brown.

Our number one Home Delivery consumer. Every time this guy orders it seems like he gets more and more beer. Anyone from Markham or the surrounding area has likely heard his righteous party tunes blasting or seen one of his bonfires lighting up the night sky. Here’s what Mike is all about:

Ben: How many times have you used the Home Delivery Program?

Mike: I wish I could count it on my hands and toes. I’ve had dozens of keggers and Steam Whistle is my go to! So I’ll say at least 15. My memory is a little swampy for an unknown reason. 

Ben: Describe the craziest party you ever hosted.

Mike: The craziest party I’ve ever hosted would have to be one of my Halloween parties. Probably last year. We had multiple AWESOME costumes. The beer was plentiful and flowing. Two of my buddies dressed up as a viking ship and got stuck in my kitchen taking a few hours to turn around. There was bonfiring, bands playing, people playing pool (inside and out, I have a crappy pool table for outdoors) we were making plenty of use out of the six- man beer bong and the folk metal was BLASTING! Overall an amazing night!

Ben: What is the best type of music to party to?

Mike: Best type is anything folkey! I love partying to Flogging Molly, Dropkick Murphys, Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Ensiiferum, Alestorm etc. Something about hearing the folk music gets yer feet goin’ and yer liver ready for a picklin’ and once you throw the energy of metal into it you’re bound for a foggy night and a painful morning.

Ben: Do you prefer themed parties, or “parties for the sake of partying”?

Mike: Themed parties give the chance to show a wild side. Whether it be costume or specific theme they always add a bit of flavour. Unfortunately I don’t have enough eccentric friends so more of the parties I host are just for the sake of getting together, listening to some awesome tunes, jamming in the music room and enjoy delicious Steam Whistle.

Ben: Have you ever had to deal with a “situation” during one of your parties?

Mike: The worst situation I ever had to deal with for a party was when word got out to far too many people. I literally had 200 people in my house, the whole house was shoulder to shoulder, people were fighting, breaking things, stuff got stolen. I had my friend who is in police foundations show up (in full uniform, with two buddies) threatening to arrest everyone (the people who were strangers thought he was a cop, but all my actual buddies knew exactly what was going on). I felt it was a good, passive, and also hilarious way to get rid of those bastardos!

Ben: What is one thing (other than beer) that is essential for a party?

Mike: A good crowd! You really can’t top having a few beers with the ones you hold dears! If you have the right mix of people at a party there’s an awesome energy that fills the room. And if you can’t get the best crowd some music is always sure to get the night going!

Ben: Do you have any words of wisdom for someone who is hosting a kegger for the first time?

Mike: You can never have enough planning and double checking, Get yourself some wristbands from Party Packagers, make sure you don’t get too too drunk because then generosity kicks in, you start letting people in for free and you lose money. Get yourself a temporary alcohol vending permit from you local LCBO, Make sure no one drives home drunk (personally I have 8 couches in my house and let people bring air-mattresses so that’s never an issue) and make sure you get the Home Delivery from Steam Whistle! Nothing worse than getting too much foam from a crappy Bronco Pump because someone always pumps those too much and wrecks your beer. Steam Whistle gives you a draft system so your delicious beer pour smooth as can be and is ice cold all the time.