Posted on October 24, 2012 by Marina

“The only place in Barrie with the best selection of craft beers on tap!”

The Local Gastropub announces this proud and bold – cheers to that!

Meet Scott – the owner of the Barrie gem filled with craft beer taps, fresh local food and blackboards to capture favourite memories created right at the pub.

What is your experience in the industry and how did you get started in the business?

I started in Scotland when I was young working as a chefs apprentice, from there got promoted to a hotel in London and since then have cooked along with my wife in the Caribbean, Thailand, Hong Kong and here in Canada.

How would you describe The Local to someone who has never been there before?

The Local is a family pub with a warm and cozy atmosphere. There are board games to play, acoustic local live music to listen to, staff who treat you like you are cousins and uncles and food and beer that cannot be compared. We are very proud of the fact that we only have a tiny household size freezer that contains only ice cream – everything else on our menu is cooked from scratch daily with local ingredients, love and attention to consistency and detail. You try to capture other’s favourite moments at The Local with a black board photos.

How did that idea come about and what is the most memorable thing anyone wrote on it?

There are many humorous things wiritten on the blackboards in the washrooms. It is funny what people will say when no one is watching them. Sometimes we have to edit due to our family atmosphere but for the most part people are pretty open and honest. The best questions are the ones about life – would you break the law to save a loved one? A resounding YES was the response. In the ladies room the girls were prompted to say nice things about their bodies. Wonderful warm things came from that board! Some comedic responses come from the phrase “if only I had a _________, I’d be happy”. Replies come in all forms such as money, stronger bladder, love, more hours at work, new cars, it’s endless!! We wanted people to express themselves!

What are some of the events that The Local Gastro Pub hosts and what has been your favourite?

The local is thrilled to host many different types of events. Every six weeks we have a beer tasting dinner, where four courses of carefully chosen dishes are paired with a variety of different beers. These dinners sell out weeks in advance and are educational and fun! A beer representative is always present and ready to share and teach a thing or two and hopefully they have brought some swag to share also!! Twice a year we host a ladies night where we declare “no sausage allowed” and have manicures, martinis and massages, there is a psychic who attends and we do a ladies themed snack menu. It is fun to take our every day space and turn it into a place for a special occasion. The local has seen 3 different couples get married and hosted the after party as well as birthday and anniversary parties. We have whiskey nosing dinners and even wine tastings!!

You have an extensive craft beer selection – can you expand on Local’s beer menu and how you go about choosing the brews?

Our beer is as important as our food! We are careful to choose quality beers stemming from small local business brewed in small batches and try to offer something different each season. Ontario is exploding right now with amazing small craft breweries and it’s important for all of us to support these small ventures. We currently are proud to serve 13 craft brews all from Ontario and we are actually working on draught root beer for the kiddies soon too!

Most rewarding thing about running The Local?

Meeting our guests! After traveling the world and integrating with so many amazing cultures, The Local Gastropub is a mini version of this. So many people from different walks of life come to our spot and get network with others. A plummer meets an electrician and before you know their working on a project together over a brew and food. That’s making a difference in our neighbourhood.

Cheers folks!