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Posts from October 2012

Posted on October 9, 2012 by Marina

If you’re from Toronto, you know Lou Dawg’s - the ultimate BBQ and live music spot. With locations on King Street and the Ryerson Pub, Lou Dawg’s has been spreading BBQ joy all around. “BBQ is more than just unbelievably tender, affordable and delicious food that is NOT deep fried, preserved or otherwise modified.  BBQ is tradition, culture, music, family, friendship, secret recipes, stories legends and tall tales.”  Meet the man behind the BBQ: Daryl DSouza, co-founder. Photo: Aaron Harris for The Toronto Star.   What inspired you to be a pub owner and how did Lou Dawg’s get started? My genius […]


Filed under: Brewery Life

Posted on October 2, 2012 by Marina

Guest post by Ben Taylor. Ever wonder who receives Steam Whistle delivered right to their door step most? Meet Mike Brown. Our number one Home Delivery consumer. Every time this guy orders it seems like he gets more and more beer. Anyone from Markham or the surrounding area has likely heard his righteous party tunes blasting or seen one of his bonfires lighting up the night sky. Here’s what Mike is all about: Ben: How many times have you used the Home Delivery Program? Mike: I wish I could count it on my hands and toes. I’ve had dozens of […]


Filed under: Brewery Life