Posted on December 27, 2012 by Marina

Being on the road and delivering beer to some of the best parties through our home delivery service, Ben makes a lot of friends (and receives a lot of invites!) One party he didn’t want to miss was the number our one home delivery customer Mike Brown. You may remember him from a post before….

There was a piper. Playing bagpipes.  In a kilt. And that was just one if the crazy elements to Mike Brown’s birthday party. You may remember Mike Brown as our number one Home Delivery customer.

You only turn 25 once, and Mike wanted it to be an epic celebration. And oh how it was. I have set up many keggers at Mike’s place, and every time I thought “damn I wish I was going to this party!”, so when Mike invited me I absolutely HAD to go.

Ben and Mike. 

I showed up in the afternoon (armed with 230 litres of Steam Whistle – that’s 4 50L kegs and 1 30L keg for 100+ people), just before Mike got home from work. The kegs were set on his deck and I can honestly say I have NEVER seen such a happy face. He was grinning from ear-to-ear. The kind of grin only the truest Steam Whistle fan can have. I immediately handed him a beer, and he told me it was “the fastest after-work-beer” he had ever been given.

We decided to give Mike his own flash cooler to keep. I thought he was going to faint. We also gave him a huge Steam Whistle banner. By the time I returned to the party the banner was proudly hanging in his basement jam-room.

Which brings me to the music. There was a drum kit, a wall of amps, and plenty of guitars. Everyone got a chance to show their chops (including a subway busker Mike had befriended). One thing I’ve always liked about Mike is that he is a metal-head like myself. Metal-heads are universally kind, generous, and warm people, despite our rough appearances. Mike is a gem of a person. Instead of birthday presents he asked for donations to the local food bank. What a swell dude!

I should also mention that Mike answered the door in a fur kilt, a brown tunic, and leather gauntlets. Ready to battle the kegs.

And back to the bagpipes. Imagine a piper in full Scottish regalia playing Christmas carols on a frosty lawn. Then imagine going back inside and hearing a stirring rendition of Metallica’s One while eating homemade pulled pork. Mike’s party was truly a celebration of awesomeness for an awesome guy. No altercations, no drama, just good times.


Happy birthday to our number one customer, Mike Brown!”