Posted on January 8, 2013 by Marina

‘Tis the season to make goals and resolutions for 2013 – hopefully ones that you will stick to throughout the year.

This is bound to be an exciting year for craft beer and with the steady growth in our industry; you’re the ones to thank!

We asked you for your 2013 new year’s craft beer resolutions and based on your answers, we’ve come up with this list. Good luck sticking to them everyone!

Appreciate craft beer.

Learning how to taste beer will deepen your appreciation for the craft of brewing and the attention to detail that goes into perfecting each sample. Appreciating a craft brew will cause you to make attention to the appearances, smells, tastes, and mouthfeels. As a starter, take a look at a previous blog by Trish (Steam Whistle Quality Control Specialist) and her tips on how to guide a beer tasting. Research and attend a beer tasting session in your town or get together with your friends and host your own. Beer tasting is truly a craft that should be appreciated!

Buy local.

At the most basic level, when you buy local more money stays in the community. Canadian craft brewers create 100% of jobs in Canada, helping boost our economy. Try to think next time you make a purchase!

Try your hand at brewing.

One of the best ways to learn an appreciation for craft beer is to try your hand at brewing. Depending on your level of expertise, there are various brewing kits available. There are various starter kits available so take your time to explore the variety of options. As an example, here is Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition.

Explore different brews.

Experiment with variety of excellent brews from our craft friends. For ideas, browse through the Ontario Craft Brewers Association or explore your province’s offerings. And like David said, “never forget the old ones too”. Your Canadian Czech style Pilsner will be waiting!

Take a brewery tour.

A great way to see how your brew is made and meet the folks who make it happen is to right to where it happens! The Good Beer Folks are open 7 days a week with tours every 30 minutes but different craft breweries may have different operating hours and tours, so make sure to do your research in advance of your visit.

Spread the word of craft beer.

Do your part in educating others about the history of craft beer, different styles and introducing them to the many options available. Help break the myths that can be associated with beer  by bringing some craft to the table or to a party!

Thank you all for supporting our industry!
The Good Beer Folks at Steam Whistle