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All thanks to our amazing friends at Me To We Style’s buy a tee, plant a tree program through which Free the Children has agreed to plant a tree for every item Me to We Style sells. 

We’re grateful to partner with this great organization who are committed to providing sweatshop-free clothing for those who are socially-conscious and want to know where their apparel came from.

Want to know more about this great organization? Meet Elie and Zoe from Me To We Style and their missions.

On behalf of Me To We Style, Zoe & Elie focus on promoting  eco-friendliness throughout North America by working on initiatives, developing products, and furthering partnerships. As you can see above, they also often to come work wearing the same outfit.

What is Me To We Style and how does it relate to Free The Children?

Our product line is domestically produced and made using certified organic cotton, viscose from bamboo & recycled polyester. By manufacturing Me to We Style apparel in factories that pay adult workers fair wage, we guarantee that employees make a decent wage to care for themselves, and their loved ones. In addition, by using eco-friendly fabrics, we certify the least possible amount of toxic chemicals are used to create each garment. Lastly, by donating half our annual profits to Free the Children, we help them create a better life for youth and their families in rural and impoverished areas across the globe. You can check us out at We Day, where we provide We Day t-shirts for excited fans!

How did Me To We Style get started?

Me to We Style has been providing ethically-sourced, sweatshop-free apparel options for schools and corporations across the globe, since 2005. Spear-headed by Oliver Madison, Me to We Style is the result of a Harvard graduate, who started his professional years in the fast-paced financial industry. On one fateful winter’s day, Oliver made plans to meet Craig Kielburger, founder of Free the Children, and former university roommate, for lunch-and so began Me to We Style.  Our charity partner, Free the Children, provides development projects in rural, and impoverished areas across the globe. These initiatives include: building schools, water sanitation projects & access to education. Progress so far at Free the Children involves: over 650 schools built, 30,000 women provided with economic self-sufficiency, $16, 000, 000 worth of medical supplies shipped around the world, and over 1, 000, 000 people provided with clean water, health care, and sanitation.

For every piece of Me To We apparel purchased, a tree is planted. How many trees has Steam Whistle helped plant?

To date, Steam Whistle has helped to plant over 10,452 trees through Free the Children, and  saved the use of over 3,135.6 lbs of pesticides, by purchasing socially-conscious Me to We Style apparel. We are so thrilled to be working with this fantastic company that upholds our virtues of sustainability, and look forward to many more years working together!

How do the Me To We Style designs originate?

Me to We Style has both a retail, and wholesale, aspect to our business. In the wholesale process of apparel design, we work with clients including Steam Whistle, among others, to determine the most suitable design for their business. This design is sometimes created by the client, and in many cases by the Marketing, and Graphics teams at Me to We Style , who work together to create new designs for the client based on their branding needs.

We  also design new looks, and products that will satisfy our trendy, and eco-friendly clientele for the retail side of our business. Sometimes, our t-shirts have actually been designed by celebrities, who use their designs to show support for We Day & Free the Children initiatives.  These celebrities are engaged through the We Day Talent Team, and we work in partnership to come up with the most stylish looks possible.

Me to We Style apparel, including celebrity t-shirts, are available for purchase at:

Nelly Furtado in Me To We Style.

Favourite part of working at Me To We Style?

It’s great to know that the organization that you are working for is giving back to the community, preserving the environment, and helping businesses to do the same. Employees of Me to We Style, Me to We, and Free the Children, are passionate about engaging the community in socially-conscious initiatives. There is also an amazing group of people who work here, and that doesn’t hurt! Don’t forget to check out our blog, for current staff, and product news!

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