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Posts from January 2013

Posted on January 8, 2013 by Marina

‘Tis the season to make goals and resolutions for 2013 – hopefully ones that you will stick to throughout the year. This is bound to be an exciting year for craft beer and with the steady growth in our industry; you’re the ones to thank! We asked you for your 2013 new year’s craft beer resolutions and based on your answers, we’ve come up with this list. Good luck sticking to them everyone! Appreciate craft beer. Learning how to taste beer will deepen your appreciation for the craft of brewing and the attention to detail that goes into perfecting each […]


Filed under: beer, Brewery Life

Posted on January 3, 2013 by Marina

If you’re a cheese fanatic like us, you have probably heard of CHEESEWERKS™. After all, it’s the first and only restaurant dedicated to making the cheese a centre of your meal. They’ve got it all: mac + cheese, cheese fondue, artisan grilled cheese, fine cheese selections and charcuterie and other ooey gooey grub that can be enjoyed with wine or craft beer.


Filed under: beer & food, partners