Posted on February 12, 2013 by Marina

Pizza and beer are a delicious mix. Especially wood fired pizza pies and a cold Pilsner.

If you’ve ever been to Barrie, you probably heard of Eat My Pie – the local favourite spot that was started by Randy Feltis and Craig Russell.

Their pies are so delicious that since 2010 they have served over 125 000 pies. 


Steam Whistle (SW): What inspired Wood Fire Pizza Joint? 

Lara (General Manager): Both Randy and Craig have been in the service industry since their teenage years. They have been restaurant owners for 10+ years. Living in Barrie, both saw the need for an authentic pizza joint within the community.

SW: What’s the concept of the restaurant?

Lara: The concept of the restaurant is simple, fresh ingredients, and a fun, inviting atmosphere. What makes us different from all other restaurants is the 3000 pound oven we imported from Italy. Heating up to 900 degrees, we’re able to cook up to 8 pies at one time in a matter of 90 seconds. Our dough is made fresh every morning, and never sees a sheeter. Hands can do a better job than a machine, every time!

SW: If you only come here once, what dish must you try and why? 

Lara: The pies are a must, obviously! Our top three sellers are the Porky Pie, the Pepperoni Pie, and the Chicken Pie.

(Porky Pie)

SW: How do you come up with the recipes for the meals?

Lara: The recipes have been a matter of trial and error over the last two and a half years. We listen to and welcome customer feedback, and tailor the recipes accordingly!

SW: Favourite part of running Pie?

Lara: The favourite part for all three of us about running Pie, is having founded Canada’s largest eating competition. Every summer, we host our annual Pie eating competition, in which world renowned professional eater Takeru Kobayashi has won three years running. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to be a part of such a large event, let alone to be the hosts of it. We’re nothing short of grateful for the success we’ve seen as a result.

(World Champion Eater Kombayashi Eats Pie)

Pay these folks a visit at 34 Commerce Park Drive in Barrie!