Posted on April 2, 2013 by Marina

Happy Earth Month from the Good Beer Folks! We are committed to drinking green all year around and you might be familiar with our top 12 green initiatives but here are a few facts you might not know…

  • Steam Whistle has an Environmental Committee that was launched in 2007 with staff volunteers from each department. We meet on a monthly basis to brainstorm and discuss upcoming challenges and ways to tackle them.


  • Steam Whistle encourages the green commute and our environmental committee funded the purchase of bike racks by gathering up all the wine and spirit bottles from on site events. When we started to return those wine and spirit bottles for the 10 cent deposit through beer stores, we collected over $2000 in 2 years in return using the funds for bike racks and rechargeable battery charging stations.


  • In November 2012, the Environmental Committee ran an “environmental challenge” for our staff. The submissions varied from cutting out meat to lessen the carbon footprint, using travel mugs, bake sales using the 100 mile ingredients, creating renewal energy stations, and lunch deliveries. However, the winner of the challenge was Lili in production who created her own homemade cosmetics line.


  • Steam Whistle works to reuse, recycle or compost all of the output from our brewery, beginning with the spent grain left over after the brew is made. This is shipped to Wellington county near Guelph ON and used for cattle feed by 7 different area farms.
  • We were very lucky to be featured in our friend’s CGA TV advertisement as the success case study sharing our green story! 


  • Steam Whistle was the first brewery to use corn resin cups for outdoor events in 2005.



  • We run on 100% green electricity and last year we bought 816,000 Kilowatt Hours at a 25% premium. 

  • Our Retro Electro is at 0% tail pipe emissions and last year, we have purchased 6 420 kilowatt hours at a 25% premium from Bullfrog Power to keep the vehicle footprint on the road at zero.


  • We have helped remove the equivalent of 16 cars off the road by using Deep Lake Water Cooling, dramatically reducing the energy used as well as noise, heat & CFC pollutants of conventional air conditioning.




Thanks for helping us stay green!