Posted on June 12, 2013 by Marina

TALLBOYS is a family owned and operated bar specializing in local Ontario craft beer, located on Bloor Street in Toronto. As you may have guessed by the name, they specialize in carrying tall cans of craft beer resulting in the largest selection of Ontario craft beer in Toronto.


We love these folks and their commitment  to working with small independent breweries. It also helps that they have a delicious menu with dishes such as ground fresh smash burgers,  Koreatown kimchee burger, and traditional pub fare that’s done right.

If you’re not yet familiar with TALLBOYS, we definitely suggest you pay them a visit! Here’s one of the owners Kevin Kennedy sharing the TALLBOYS story.


What is your background and how did you get started in the industry?

I first worked in the industry back in the late 90s when I was in high school. I was a barback at several Downtown night clubs including Plush, Bauhaus and Roxy Blu. I moved away from Toronto for about seven years and when I got back, a couple people I knew were involved in the industry. I bartended once a week at The Cameron House and helped manage another bar on Dundas called Opera Bob’s. During this time I held down a day job at the Bank of Montreal as an Anti-Money Laundering investigator, an Assistant Manager and eventually I got a job on the Communications team.

I’m kind of all over the place. At Tallboys I handle the special events and marketing, but I also manage a band called Army Girls from Toronto and write a weekly feature in The Hockey News magazine. I’ve never really been satisfied doing just one thing.


Where did the concept of TallBoys originate from and what inspired the name?

When I’d go to parties, I would always hit up the LCBO and grab a variety of different beers. I started to notice a trend happening in how breweries were investing in their tall can label design. The can has much more of a canvas than a bottle which only has a label…on a can you can wrap designs all over it. I loved the aesthetic of seeing all the different designs on a table at a bar and for me, each beer has it’s own story and when presented in a tall can it can inspire some great conversations. I like the idea of a straightforward concept and I knew I wanted to support the small businesses that make up the Ontario Craft Beer world and TALLBOYS – Craft Beer House was born!

Tell us more about your beer selection.

We are proud to have Toronto’s largest selection of Ontario Craft Beer.  At any given moment we have 60+ different kinds of beer available. All Ontario. All independent.


What’s the “Leave a bud a drink” wall about?

It’s called “Leave a bud a drink” and it was suggested to me by a close friend. The idea is that you can buy a drink for someone which can be claimed at a later date. People have a lot of fun with it and when someone arrives to claim a free drink, they’re super happy.

Favourite event hosted at TallBoys?

We have three regular monthly events at Tallboys and it’s kind of like trying to choose your favourite child. We have trivia, Jays Days, and comedy and I like all of them for different reasons. I started Jays Days three years ago and it’s been amazing to see it grow, but the comedy and trivia nights are also special because I’ve developed them with two extremely talented people and their success is quite inspiring. I’m proud of the unique events we do at Tallboys.

Best part of owning TallBoys?

I see Tallboys as a service to our community. A place for people to meet, to laugh, and to make friends. There’s no better sensation than listening to the buzz inside our venue on a busy night knowing that we’re becoming a small piece of the fabric of our neighbourhood.