Posted on June 18, 2013 by Marina

Grocery Gateway Customers can now have Steam Whistle Pilsner delivered right to their door!


Grocery Gateway and Steam Whistle are toasting a a new friendship! Starting June, the Grocery Gateway new line up will include our Pilsner as part of the Grocery Gateway’s line up including our 12packs of bottles, 6packs of cans or single tallboy cans. Local, fresh, convenience at its finest!

The relationship is a natural fit as Grocery Gateway is committed to providing its customers with the best locally made products and we are flattered to join the product offering as the only beer!

GG Tip of the Cap


Photo: Jordan Cash, Steam Whistle delivery service.

“Grocery Gateway is committed to the expansion of its offerings that are available through our online ordering service.  We chose Steam Whistle to be a new brand offering because of their local heritage, superior quality and commitment to excellence in customer service,” said Stephen Tallevi, General Manager, Grocery Gateway.

Cheers to that!