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Posts from July 2013

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Marina

Steam Whistle Brewery welcomes Cyclists for a tune up & taste! Just outside our front doors at Steam Whistle Brewing, we have installed a Public Bike Maintenance Station for the city’s cycling community. Feel free to stop by for a tune up when pedalling about the city, or make the brewery your destination for a tune up, tour & taste! Sourced from Urban Racks, an innovative bike parking and accessories company in Vancouver, the bike repair station includes a bike mount, 8 tools on cables and a tire pump. The station was purchased by Steam Whistle’s Environmental Committee to add […]


Filed under: beer & bikes

Posted on July 22, 2013 by Marina

Post by Sybil Taylor. Brewery Co-founder Cam Heaps was invited to a charity golf tournament recently and not wanting to go thirsty or be inhospitable to the golfers around him, decided to take on a weekend project of building a fully functioning and portable draught unit disguised as a golf bag. 1) Start with a decent sized golf bag. This TNT display unit was particularly oversized, perfect to hold a keg & coil unit with a 5lb. CO2 tank tucked into the ball bag. 2) Create a fiberglass sleeve to slide inside the golf bag which will contain the ice […]


Filed under: cofounders, how to

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Marina

Earlier this year, we collaborated with George Brown College in executing a t-shirt design and involving the local art student community. The students were provided with a presentation and then were allowed full creative freedom to each come up with a design. The designs were presented in front of different judges including Lorraine Wright (professor), George Brown College, Steam Whistle’s internal creative team and our t-shirt supplier Me To We Style. Congratulations to Jasmine! Her design will be printed by Me To We Style (an ethical manufacturer) and will be available in our e-store and at the brewery retail location. […]


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