Posted on November 25, 2013 by Marina

Working in the field, sometimes our reps are faced with various challenges such as draught installations. Luckily, we have some fantastic industry partners and friends who can help us out! Here’s David from sharing his adventure of installing an air cooled draught unit at Hostelling International, who every week bring in a group of international tourists to showcase Toronto’s Craft Brewed Premium Pilsner.

Warning: below is for the technically inclined who know a thing or two about draught units!  

A few weeks ago, Jeremy Moore (Steam Whistle rep) called and said he needed a difficult draught install done. I went to Hostelling International the next day and found a walk-in cooler and a bar on the other side of the wall, the tricky part was the foundation wall was almost two feet thick in between the two and once the beer left the walk-in it would warm up and turn to foam.


I have used Air Cooled systems in the past but this was the first I built one from scratch, the large white tube is used as an outer shell for air return.


The silver tube connects to a plastic tube and the other end of the plastic tube is connected to a fan in the walk-in cooler. The fan blows cold air from the cooler to the tower and then the air is forced back into the walk-in via the outer white tube. The beer line travels in the inner tube with the cold air from the walk-in.

photo 5

Paint was next. I picked everyone’s favourite colour – Grabber Green, and then the fun started. The hole for the white tube needed to be…

photo 4


photo 3

Once the dust had settled it was time to put all the pieces together.

photo 2

The power for the fan travels in the outer tube and out to the plug, the air returns through the holes I drilled in the flange.

photo 1

A few well placed stickers with the recognizable tap handle and people travelling from all over the world can enjoy a delicious, ice cold Steam Whistle at Hostelling International!

Any more questions? Give David a shout!