Posted on December 18, 2013 by Marina

Our Instagram contest is now finished! Thanks to everyone who entered their Steam Whistle photos with #SWholidays. For those who didn’t get a prize, there will be many more giveaways so stay tuned!

Also, a massive congrats to our winners! Take a look at these stories behind the winning photos and how these Good Beer Folks spend their holidays with Steam Whistle:

1. @seagulls34

“I won with the opener picture woohoo!  I used a different opener for each bottle as I enjoyed the Holiday case! The 9th cap was where I needed the 2005 opener… but I opened that one with the 09, my personal favourite.”

2. @walkerkathryn


“I received this massive bear from a guy who has been ‘woo-ing’ me for a couple of weeks, and had to go back home to Edmonton. He wanted me to have something to “hold on to at night when I’m all alone”. So obviously, the massive bear needed to get sexy drunk and have a photo shoot! Ha!!”

3. @xjaybarnesx


“Well I work for The Beer Store and I love Steam Whistle, have gone on the tour many many times. Have come down to the brewery just to hang out a few times, and always have a good time there. I can’t really say there’s any other beer I drink when I do have a few beers, Steam Whistle has been my favourite since I was 19 and I’m 26 now.   So really the photo is just me palletizing empties to send back to The Good Beer Folks!”

4. @ramsey1785


“It’s really cool that I won! Figured my old elf on a shelf should have a moment to shine. This particular guy is actually pretty old – it was at my grandparents’ then at my parents for as long as I can remember.  Funny that lately elves have become so popular. He’s not the most pretty elf on the shelf you’ll find but he’s mine.”

5. @tedwardddd


“I was going to my buddy’s birthday/condo warming party and got him some Steam Whistle and some pots and pans (he needs to learn how to cook). There was food and beer provided but I still decided to treat myself to some Steam Whistle too! Tiss the season! I gifted his beer to him and decided I should just gift my 6 pack to myself. Instant. Instagram. Gold.” 


Thank you all for participating! We love our Good Beer Folks!