Posted on April 4, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks

If you visited our brewery catwalk recently, you may have noticed the latest addition: drawings of our vintage fleet.

These drawings were made by Robert Taylor, a loyal Steam Whistle fan, who reached out to us sharing his passion for drawing and the Steam Whistle brand.

Robert became familiar with Steam Whistle from working in bars and nightclubs. The retro feel of the brand especially the vintage fleet attracted him to Steam Whistle from the very beginning. He realized his passion for airbrushing when he was just 13 years old and his amazing skill set lead him to creating tshirt designs and graphics for various clients and racing teams.

In 2005, he was unfortunately diagnosed with Parkinson’s which interfered with his ability to draw for a period of five years. Luckily, in 2010, he was able to pick up his art again. Robert was ecstatic to gain his skills back and embraced a number of projects he has always had his eye on doing. One of these projects was bringing to life his fascination with the Steam Whistle vintage fleet and drawing the vintage vehicles.


Robert approached Greg, our cofounder, who was blown away by Robert’s story and drawing ability that he decided his drawings must have a special place at the brewery. There are now on display on our catwalk! Come see for yourselves. 

When he is not drawing Steam Whistle’s vintage fleet, Robert loves to take on various projects. Take a look at some of his other art work. You can contact him with project requests at


Robert Taylor