Posted on April 8, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks

Beer Festivals are always a good idea which is why Toronto Festival of Beer decided to bring us a spring beer festival called “Spring Sessions”. The festival took place end of March and included the usual fun guarantees: cold beer, fun people and live music. Except this time, the live music came in the form of “Brewery Battle of the Bands”.

We all work hard to bring you delicious beer but some of us are super talented musicians as well. We showcased those skills and on Saturday March 29th, Mill Street, Steam Whistle, Beau’s and Great Lakes battled it out on the stage.  The following were participating bands:

Tennessee Voodoo Coup (members of Mill St. Brewery) 
Audio (Beau’s All Natural Brewing Staff)
Die Tenacious Earth  (Great Lakes Brewery)
The Lowest Boardroom  (Steam Whistle Brewing)

At the end of the performances, attendees were encouraged to vote for their favourite and we are ecstatic to announce that Steam Whistle won “Brewery Battle of the Bands”! Thank you folks!

Thanks to BlogTO for the photo.

So, who are the folks behind The Lowest Boardroom? These are all talented musicians of Steam Whistle Brewing who  have a passion for music, each with a story to tell.

Ruben (guitar and back-up vocals)
Shipping Supervisor, Steam Whistle
Ruben has been a musician/producer since the 90’s, performing in various Canadian bands in great Toronto venues like: the Horseshoe, Lee’s Palace, the Music Hall, and the Masonic Temple, among others.
Currently he divides his time between Steam Whistle, and the music production/video work out of his studio (12Bit Studio) located on Spadina Ave here in T.O. When he’s not occupied with either of those, he will dedicate his time to rocking beer festivals with “The Lowest Boardroom”.

Brendan (Lead Vocals)
Sales Rep, Steam Whistle
Brandon used to play in a rock band called Nights & Weekends based out of Toronto. He began working at Steam Whistle in retail and events in between band stints on the road. He has played in a variety  Toronto bars with his favourites being Drake Hotel and Dakota Tavern.

Brandon R (Drums)
Retail and Events, Steam Whistle
Brandon has been a drummer for over 18 years and has studied music throughout his educational career. He holds an BFA Honours in Music with a focus in percussion composition and performance. He currently plays for a Toronto based band calledThe Honeyrunners who have been receiving buzz lately, having played on the likes of CTV Canada AM. His band has also played at local favourites such as The Silver Dollar, Horseshoe Tavern and Rivoli.

Les (Bass) 
Driver, Steam Whistle 
Les delivers beer to all the fine people of Southwest Ontario and has been with Steam Whistle since October 2008. His musical background is in guitar and bass, playing rock, funk, garage, country and various fusions of said styles. He currently plays an acoustic 12-string guitar in a raw country/songwriter-style 2-piece with another of Steam Whistle’s talented musicians Ben Taylor. He has also recently started playing bass with his previous drummer Adam Szabo and a singer/guitar player named Nolan Randall who has a project called “Plaid on Flannel”.  Over the years, he has played at The Only Cafe, The Garrison and Rancho Relaxo.

Stay tuned for more shows from “The Lowest Boardroom”!