Posted on April 16, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks

If you’re taking a stroll in the West end of the city down Bloor St W, you’ll notice the new local spot Little Buddha Bar run by a husband and wife team Milos & Adriana Strasky.

Located at 1661 Bloor Street West, Little Buddha Bar can be described as  a Euro chill-out lounge-bar and a friendly place to go to enjoy a pint of beer (or cocktail).


Here’s a Q&A with Milos, one of the Buddha Bar owners:

How would you describe Little Buddha Bar to someone who has never been there?

I would describe Little Buddha Bar as friendly chill-out lounge that serves tasty foods and drinks, plays pleasant background music or showcases amazing talents to satisfy patrons cravings and relaxing their mind.

How did the concept and the name originate?

The concept originated few years back while travelling through Europe and other continents. Collecting ideas and feedbacks on how to create a hospitality business with healthy blend of foods, drinks and audio/visual art.

The name Little Buddha Bar was created based on philosophy not religion of Buddhism and accordingly with the size of the place. Little – describes the size, Buddha – represents calmness and positive vibe, bar – identifies the nature of the establishment.

Why did you decide to open a bar and what is your previous experience in the restaurant industry?

My wife Adriana and I, we have been working in hospitality/entertainment/art industry all our lives and the reason why we decided to open up this chill-out lounge is simply because we love people, music, food, drinks and all the fun that bar can offer.

Little Buddha bar is not our first hospitality project. For example the Hart of Europe Pub that was located in the Queen Street West area was one of many successful projects that became known to many people throughout the world and to all Czech and Slovak hockey player in the NHL.

It was build on the same principles and foundation as all our projects. “Tasty & large portions of food, reasonable pricing, cosy and elegant environment, harmony in entertainment and sound served by friendly staff.”

Describe your student music nights.

The student music nights are dedicated to showcase new talented musicians/performers to clientèle that appreciates and supports new and independent uprising stars.

As a graduate of Entertainment Business Management (Artist Management) and founder of Pitch Black Production & Entertainment Management (2006) I feel obligated to help and advice new talents on how to succeed in this great craft.

It is an opportunity for all young musicians and students of music to start building their audience that is one of the principles of success in entertainment. If you want to get in touch and perform at the Little Buddha Bar, email me

Thanks Milos and Adriana!