Posted on April 22, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks

For the first time earlier this year, we hosted our very first Winter Farmers’ Market inviting certified local Ontario farmers to sell apples, baked goods, root vegetables, organic meat and cheese, beauty products, maple and honey products.

One of the vendors was our very own Claire St-Francois from retail and events who started making her very own all natural dog biscuits called “Bark n’ Barley” made with Steam Whistle’s spent barley grain. The other ingredients in the biscuits include all natural peanut butter, organic eggs, and whole wheat flour.


Claire explains further how it all started below.

What is Bark n’ Barley and how did the idea for this start?

Bark n’ Barley is an all natural dog biscuit brand. It is made with Steam Whistle Brewing’s spent barley grain, which is a naturally occurring by-product of the brewing process. The idea for the biscuits was introduced to me during a brewery tour. I was telling some happy patrons about Steam Whistle’s own green initiatives and one of them mentioned how the dog food industry was starting to tap into the use of spent barley grain in an effort to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to feed our pets. After researching the idea further, I found a basic recipe for dog biscuits incorporating the use of spent barley grain and, well, if you give a dog bone…

What is the process for making the dog biscuits? 

To make the biscuits I use all natural peanut butter, organic eggs, whole wheat flour and Steam Whistle Brewing’s spent barley grain. I mix them in a single bowl, and then roll, cut and shape the resulting mixture into medium-size treats formed to look like dog bones. Everything is done by hand and every ingredient is fresh. I then cook and dehydrate the dog biscuits for three hours at a low temperature in order to give them a longer shelf life. They’re nice and crunchy and very tasty. I have actually tried them myself and have to say they are pretty good!

What does the future hold for Bark n’ Barley? 

My future plan is to provide the dog owners and enthusiasts of Toronto with Bark n’ Barley All Natural Dog Biscuits! I love the fact that I am creating a tasty dog treat out of a reusable product. The fact that this reusable product comes from the greenest brewery in all of Canada makes it even more special as I know creating a sustainable and environmentally-friendly product is extremely important to both myself and my employer. For all of these reasons, I am very happy and proud to use Steam Whistle Brewing’s spent barley grain to make my biscuits and I hope that dogs all over the city continue to enjoy these tasty and all natural treats!

Keep an eye out for Bark n’ Barley at various markets this summer as well as the Centre for Social Innovation’s Pop up Market next month.