Posted on June 9, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks

Is your team still in the Stanley Cup Finals? If not, don’t worry, here’s a team you can cheer on! This week, a Q&A with hockey and beer fan, Dion Griarte who recently commissioned this custom Steam Whistle goalie mask.

Goalie Mask-Dion Griarte

Where and for how long have you been playing goalie?

I play for True North hockey league in Brampton on the Abominable Snowmen. I’ve actually just started playing in net the last 2 years. As expensive as hockey is money came into factor when I was a kid and couldn’t play. But I was put in swimming which I loved. Hockey was my fav to watch on t.v. And I’m a huge Brodeur fan! Always wished to play. Once I had my first part time job, used the money to take some hockey lessons and get the game going. Once I knew how to skate properly and play I switched to Goalie! I play 4 times a week and love it!

What inspired you to want a Steam Whistle goalie mask?

I couldn’t think of what to put on my mask for the longest time! My friends know me for loving Steam Whistle, Pittsburgh Penguins and Blue Jays. Hockey and beer have been friends for a very long time. What better to do than put my fav beer on my mask!!

Greg Taylor and Dion Griarte

(Photo: Dion in his Beer Keg costume with Steam Whistle co-founder Greg Taylor at last January’s Roundhouse Winter Craft Beer Festival)

How did you come up with the design for the mask?

I wrote to Steam Whistle to see if they were Ok to have me use their graphics on my mask. Greg hooked me up with Rob Taylor. I knew Rob was the one who had drawn all of the retro vehicles (Rob, also a brewery fan, who had illustrated the brewery’s fleet vintage fleet to display at the brewery) and my fav was The Steam Machine! I wanted to incorporate that design in my mask. I definitely wanted it Steam Whistle green! Knowing how talented Rob was, I trusted him to design what he felt looked best. I am so happy and shocked how well it turned out. Couldn’t have had a better done mask.

Here Robert Taylor explains his design:

I did the mask the old fashioned way by hand with a brush as well as some airbrushing. I took the style of the flames off the Steam Machine, doing those first then layered everything else simple and clean. I had to have the Steam Whistle stand out and be seen from far away, kept it simple. I gave it life without the commercial look.

Goalie Mask- Side by Side

Dion, has anything remarkable happened since wearing that mask? Like win all your games, get asked to play for the NHL, get bought a lot of beers by your team?

I wish I was asked to play in the NHL! So far no winning streaks but still winning games! But… I get sooooooo many compliments on my mask. Everyone loves it. It stands out! People love the idea and how sexy it looks!

Goalie -Dion Griarte


Have a great season Dion!
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