Posted on June 23, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks

We’ve been so blown away by your Steam Whistle Can Van pics and creativity that we’ve compiled the first ever #SWCanVan Auto Review. Send in your pimped out Can Vans using #SWCanVan and you could win 1 of 10 Steam Machine t-shirts and the bragging rights.

Check out who won best concept, exotic and cruiser below:

Best Concept – Monster Wheelin’ #SWCanVan
By: @Extremecatnap

SWcanvanwheelie (2)

Shared on tape performing never-before-seen stunts by any beer carton in the history of beer cartons – This monster-truck delivery machine has been known to twist the throttle hard and get wild with no hand wheelies and chainsaw zeros. Please note – It’s important to unload contents (a.k.a. the beer) before performing all stunts

Catherine and ShaneThe legends behind the wheel and design are Catherine and Shane, a couple from Hamilton, Ontario. The moment Shane walked into the beer store and saw the Can Van he couldn’t resist. When he brought it home he noticed that his remote control Monster Truck body was the same size as the Can Van.  He grabbed the scissors and packing tape and went to work.  He cut out the bottom entirely (including the wheels), and with a few nips, tucks and lots of tape – Presto!  It was the perfect activity for the couple – Shane loves his RC hobby, and Catherine is a fan of arts and crafts.

Best Exotic – The Night Rider Can Van
By: @ChristinaSkuce

#SWCanVan-june 13

In the most basic sense an exotic car is rare and extremely collectible. Budget busting beauties like the Hennessey Venom GT and Buggatti Veyron 16.4 are examples of those who merit the title. But there’s a new envy-inducing, pulse-elevating, one-of-a-kind machine on the market –the sleek, electric blue and green #SWCanVan. Move over Audi and BMW, your laser headlights may be mock chicken compared to these dual L.E.D. lights in the Steam Whistle Can Van 10 pack submitted by Christina and designed by Chuck.

How did super fan Chuck bring this to life? Here’s how:


1. Find an old cell phone charger (Blackberry).

2. Cut off the end and put two Male adapters on the wires.

3. Get two L.E.D. lights and add speakers wires to lengthen.

4. Put two Female adapters on them.

Lights hook up

5. Connect the two Male and Female adapters together and plug in the phone charger. Now they have power.

6. Add a small box to get the height needed for the L.E.D.’s to be at the right height.

Inside the night rider

7. Tape the lights into place.

8. Added an “eyelet” to clean up the hole from the drill bit.( Chuck used a 3/8 drill bit to drill out the headlights in the CanVan).

9. Lights on!

Final product

Best Cruiser – Doodlin’ Can Van

By: Trish – Quality Assurance Technician


Steam Whistle prides itself on its positive family like culture, so when Quality Assurance Technician Trish Lee shared this doodle masterpiece, we didn’t even get mad (she assured us that doodling did not interfere with her work). Trish’s engineering background and skills match her creativity -This Doodlin’ #SWCanVan wins best cruiser with its suitcase style handle offering an aerodynamic lift and cruise control.


Now that you’ve seen our favs, send us yours, or better yet, submit your own pics using #SWCanVan.