Posted on July 8, 2014 by The Good Beer Folks


The Good Beer Folks (GBF) are synonymous with Steam Whistle Brewing. But behind the fancy title are the people who make it real. Nancy Goodchild is one of those people. Nancy is our officer manager and her golden voice greets people on our phones. She excels as our  Director of First Impressions, although her business card title is  Queen Mother III which acknowledges both her love of The Royals and her role in caring for our brewery family.( Here is Nancy holding a painting by Jenny Henderson  on the back of a skateboard)

Nancy business card

As one of the brewery’s first employee, Nancy is a bit of a celebrity in Steam Whistle’s neck of the woods. If you’ve ever taken a tour or given the office a call – you’ve probably encountered Nancy. Her positive attitude, unmistakable voice, and ability to work magic from her desk makes her a true gem of Steam Whistle. So why is she so special? Here’s a little run down:

She keeps us grounded

crowd cheer 2

Nancy is always around to remind us to celebrate and acknowledge what matters most – people and being good to people. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, party or a monthly staff gathering- the Queen Mother III is always there organizing and getting people together. When asked about why, Nancy explained that  “I’m not just an employee here, these people are my family. Cam and Greg have been instrumental to my life to a degree only my parents have been.” (Pic courtesy of  TakeMorePhotos)

She helps keep us green

Step Forward Paper pic

Steam Whistle has a long list of ways we’re working to help save our planet and Nancy has contributed with some green office initiatives.  For instance, if it weren’t for her researching, questioning and ordering we would not be greening our paper supply. Since the spring, Steam Whistle Brewing have been a proud user of Step Forward Paper. This is an almost tree-free paper. Made of  80% Wheat Straw and 20% FSC fibre and without any chlorine, this paper is the brainchild of Prairie Paper Ventures and its founders Clayton Manness, Jeff Goldman and actor & environmentalist Woody Harrelson. So far the Step Forward Paper has saved enough trees to stretch 20x higher than Mt. Everest!  It was Nancy’s research  that got the ball rolling on this after Greg had read an article. When asked about the process she said “It was really easy because it’s such a nice company. I was really impressed working with Jeff, he helped get us what we needed and to get us switched over.”

She keeps us going

Smoothie photo credit Ginnerobot

On top of ensuring that every phone call is answered, packages sent, calendars organized and smiles are made –Nancy keeps us going and fueled by making delicious smoothies filled with all natural ingredients! A fav was the peanut butter smoothies made with protein, bananas, peanut butter and greek yogurt. Nancy explains that “Wellness is important to me. I try to think of a way that makes people stop working for a moment and spend some time together. I read in an article that making food together is a great way to bond and thus Smoothie Wednesday was born.” (This smoothie is not  a Nancy Smoothie but it looks just as delicious. Photo credit Ginnerobot)

She keeps is updated on the Royals’ gossip

Nancy's Mug2

Talk about someone who could write their own novel, Nancy has a bucket list that would make any monarchy enthusiast drool. Nancy is a walking encyclopedia for all things royal and celebrity. When asked about her most epic memories two take the the cake. In her words; ” The most awesome moment was when I was one of the first allowed in the room at the Design Exchange to see Diana’s dresses. There they were, all 14 of her dresses in glasses boxes on headless manikins. It was just completely overwhelming.” But this was not the only 1st she has claimed. Because of Steam Whistle’s longtime support of our troops, Nancy was the only women among 120 soldiers who got to shoot guns with Prince Andrew  – random yes but an incredible story nevertheless.

In the end, a lot of people think of Steam Whistle Brewing for its beer, and rightfully so. But all that amazing beer is made with the warmth, kindness and energy of the Good Beer Folks like Nancy.