Posted on July 16, 2014 by Liz

Steam Whistle’s Pilsner is now available for the first time on the East Coast with P.E.I. as our premium maritime province! Although nothing beats a refreshing drink of the golden nectar, beer also makes an incredible ingredient to your favourite dish. We want your help to Steam up our seafood recipes using Steam Whistle as the golden ingredient, so send us your best ideas!


In celebration of our arrival on the infamous Island, we’re inviting inspired chefs, bakers and home cooks to submit P.E.I. inspired recipes (we have yet to have any for lobster). It could be a dish that reminds you of home, made of all local ingredients or that embodies the essence of the Island. The only limitation is it must include Steam Whistle Pilsner as an ingredient. The best recipe will be featured in a blog post just like this one, be added to our recipe collection and win a special Steam Whistle Prize Pack valued at $200.


If you’re a food lover – Submit your recipes but also call out to your friends to submit their own. All recipes must be submitted by July 31st and include a picture, list of ingredients and the recipe step by step. Please send your recipes to OR tweet them using #SWPEI. Here’s an example of a recipe we received for Steam Whistle Scallops by James Kirkland, from Liaison College in Barrie, Ontario, – complete with fresh scallops, sea salt, bacon and the all-natural Pilsner. Let us know if you have any questions.