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It all started out unwittingly enough… a group of Steam Whistle staff decided to head to Lee’s Palace after work to attend the Air Guitar Championships to support a fellow co-worker and great cause (Right To Play). When Lee walked into Lee’s Palace that night he had no idea he’d be walking out as Air Guitar royalty.


Photo Credit: Nick Cheeseman

After the first round of contestants took the stage for their one minute performances – The MC called out for the Dark Horse Round (people who enter spontaneously). Little did Lee know his name was on a paper and that paper was working the way to the stage. When the MC called his name he almost didn’t go up at all.

Lee’s work clothes would not do – after a quick rummage around in the costume box his wardrobe was decided; a pair of rainbow Hammer pants would be the vestment that led him to victory.

Lee 4 lee 5

Images via : Culture Snap

The music choice was not his own but one he’d heard a few times before and Black Betty was easy enough to get into. By the time he found his groove the crowd started losing their minds over every high kick and flip he pulled out of his bag of tricks and in that very moment….BRYMTIME was born!

After taking home the regional qualifier round and his prize (ironically enough A VIP Steam Whistle tour) Lee didn’t know what to make of this newfound Air Guitar World. He loved the energy of the event, the charitable spirit, positivity and passion surrounding the Air Guitar scene – but he didn’t grasp how this road to the Air Guitar Championships might change his life.

There was a month between The Regional Qualifiers and The Canadian Championships and Lee took the opportunity to spend time with his family. His parent’s didn’t realize the level of notoriety around their son’s new found achievement until he was out for lunch with his mom one day and his phone started ringing with interview requests from Breakfast Television and CBC which he declined to spend time at his family cottage – Talk about keeping it real!

When the fateful day of the Canadian Championships arrived – Lee had it in the bag (It meaning the tiger onesie he brought for his Eye of the Tiger performance) He quickly advanced to the finals where all competitors were judged on the same song. This time it was Journey classic – Any Way You Want It.

Lee 2

As the judges tabulated the scores – Lee couldn’t believe his ears when he received the highest combined score and was handed the metal-worked trophy that marked his achievement as Canada’s Air Guitar Champion.


Image via :  Air Guitar Canada

The final step of Lee’s journey is a transatlantic one – taking him all the way to Oulu, Finland where he’ll be competing against the rest of the world in the Air Guitar Championships. With his tiger onesie packed Lee is poised to take Finland and the rest of the world by storm; he’s got the eye of the tiger after all.

You can cheer Lee ‘BRYMTIME’ Brymer on Aug. 29th (at 12noon EST) as Canada Returns to the Air Guitar World Championships via live streaming at: