Posted on April 3, 2017 by Liz

When something is good, more is better! That’s our thinking anyway which is why we don’t just produce 355ml cans for your drinking pleasure, we also make a TALL CAN for times when you need a little bit more.

Until very recently, our TALL CANS were of the 500ml format, looking most like beers from Europe who package golden lagers in 500ml tall can formats (think Stella, Heineken, Carlsberg, Moretti, Peroni, Grolsch). However, changes at our can supplier mean that the 500ml can we are using up until now is no longer available to us. We’ll be phasing out the old 500ml size and replacing it with the Canadian standard Tall Can size of 473ml, which most domestic and craft brewers use. We’ll continue to package our delicious, refreshing, award-winning Pilsner as always, except in a new can.

You will notice that our pricing will be reduced slightly for single cans or multi-packs to reflect the smaller format.