Posted on July 13, 2017 by Liz

Last month we asked you to describe in 50 words or less what you LOVE about Canada, the responses you gave us blew us away, made us proud as Canadians and ultimately turned our hearts into Maple Syrup. Below are our top 4 runners up and the Grand Prize winner. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Quarry Rock Hike 2


Heena Gahlon

Canada means the world to me, It stands for so much good in this world. From our universal health care, to our multiculturalism, to our push for education. I can honestly say being born Canadian has given me opportunities those my age in other parts of the world can only dream of. As a country we embrace differences and celebrate faiths. We work together and always try to help our neighbors. Being Canadian brings with it a certain pride and honor. The diversity and beauty of this country is unmatched regardless of where you go in this world. Happy 150th birthday Canada, may you forever be as welcoming and lead the world as you do today. <3

Mike Bering

It’s the land of unapologetically apologetic people who quietly wear their leaf on thier sleeve because our patriotism is rarely spoken but clear… and the land, 50 words cannot begin to touch on it’s beauty so do yourself a favour, Canadian or not, go explore OUR Canada. It is breathtaking.

William Harris

Canada offers something for everyone. Big city lights, small town charm and diverse wilderness abound. This country encourages us to take advantage of these gifts and fill our lives with culture, character and adventure. This shared inheritance makes us the luckiest people on earth.

Marija Mitrovic

Growing up in Canada with immigrant parents I never felt excluded. Parents who in turn were so proud to be Canadian, and instilled that pride in us. They hoist the Canadian flag with pride and don the Canadian Maple Leaf with honour. We might all come from different parts of the earth but when we carefully chose Canada to be our Home, we know we have made the right choice. Canada is Beautiful. Canada is Diverse. Canada is Home.


Richard French

The word “eh”. By adding “eh” to the end of your sentence it indicates the speaker’s willingness to accept dissent or to invite further discussion. Canadians invite discussion, and are willing to hear others opinions. And we do it subconsciously. It’s so distinct and so Canadian.