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Posted on November 25, 2013 by Marina

Working in the field, sometimes our reps are faced with various challenges such as draught installations. Luckily, we have some fantastic industry partners and friends who can help us out! Here’s David from sharing his adventure of installing an air cooled draught unit at Hostelling International, who every week bring in a group of international tourists to showcase Toronto’s Craft Brewed Premium Pilsner. Warning: below is for the technically inclined who know a thing or two about draught units!   A few weeks ago, Jeremy Moore (Steam Whistle rep) called and said he needed a difficult draught install done. I went to […]


Posted on May 24, 2012 by Marina

Summer is here and this means that golf courses are opening their doors. For all those golfing enthusiasts, you know that there’s quite nothing like enjoying a cold beer while playing a round with your friends under the sun… That being said, we’d love to introduce you to the first ever Steam Whistle custom golf cart: This beauty was designed by our very own creative team – what a talented bunch. So where can you catch this sight? You have to go to Burlington’s Tyandaga golf course to check it out. Tyandaga is owned and operated by the City of Burlington […]


Posted on April 25, 2012 by Marina

What do you get when you mix in a brewery, gourmet pop-up food and art? A one of a kind event called “The Next Food Truck Event” as organized by OntarioFoodTrucks. OntarioFoodTrucks is “a group of food truck owners and food truck enthusiasts raising awareness for street food in Ontario. Most cities in Ontario have strict regulations against new gourmet food trucks. We’re trying to change this.” It’s an ambitious goal and a delicious path to making it happen. The Next Food Truck brought together food vendors that are interested in or progressing to a food truck model showcasing their Gourmet […]


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