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Posted on September 26, 2014 by admin

After 5 years of working at Steam Whistle our staff is rewarded with a trip to Munich to experience Oktoberfest, followed by several days in Prague and the Czech countryside visiting Brewmaster Marek’s brothers in beer. Today a group of 16 of our staff will be leaving to celebrate the world’s greatest festival of all things BEER!   As a Czech-styled Pilsner we have a tremendous amount of respect for the old world brewing traditions and try to bring as much of it into our brewing process as possible. From adhering to the Bavarian purity act, to using German and […]


Posted on September 17, 2014 by admin

The traditional look for men visiting Oktoberfest is Lederhosen which loosely translates to “leather trousers,” they are actually leather shorts (knee-length or shorter). The lederhosen were worn as work-wear and typically made out of durable (and beer proof) leather or suede so they’re made to last. These leather breeches have played an important role in brewing German brewing history: In German tradition the ale-taster was supposed to have worn trousers made of stag’s leather. The “bierkieser” or beer tester would pour his stein out on the bench then sit in it for a whole hour to test the sugar levels […]


Posted on September 5, 2014 by admin

  The debut of our “Last Spike” retro opener has inspired many people to start collecting. One of the most extensive Steam Whistle collections we’ve ever seen belongs to Chuck Skuce – Chuck has a man cave that any beer enthusiast would love to hibernate in all winter. He is also the creator of the Steam Whistle Retro Openers Facebook page, where fans can trade openers and share their collections with one and other. He’s a pretty crafty individual and created this Steam Whistle Retro Opener display board that sits proudly in the Marketing department and receives many oooh’s and […]