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Good Beer Folks Blog

Posted on April 7, 2016 by Kendra

Good Beer Folks, Esmee and Kristen came up with the idea of hosting Sprout Initiative: a staff planting party. They built an herb garden out of wood pallets and arranged all the materials so our staff could easily drop by and help contribute to our staff herb garden. We sat down with them for an interview so they could share their green living tips with readers and explain how you can build a pallet garden of your very own! Tell us a little about yourself! Esmee: I’m a gbf with 5 years of experience in retail, events and promotions. In my spare time […]


Posted on April 4, 2016 by Kendra

After a decade of leading brewing at Steam Whistle, our Master Brewer, Marek made a heartfelt announcement that later this summer, he and his family will return to their beloved homeland, the Czech Republic. Marek’s accomplishments have been considerable: he led his team to a gold medal win at the Canadian Brewing Awards, 5 golds at the Ontario Brewing Awards and countless other accolades for our single brand, but his greatest contribution has been in helping us to brew a Pilsner that Canadians are proud of and is now available coast to coast across this great country. We had begun […]


Posted on March 24, 2016 by Kendra

We’ve started a program here at Steam Whistle called Beer O’Clock. We’re sending our Good Beer Folks over to Canadian offices around the end of the day to reward companies for a job well done. So much of our craft brewery is built around the idea of a reward at the end of the day that we thought it would be nice for us to reward like-minded organizations and groups for all the hard work they do. In addition to reaching out to influential companies and surprising them with cold one at the end of the work day, we will also […]