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Posted on January 14, 2016 by Kendra

1) Dress warm! How prepared you are temperature-wise will directly impact the time you have at Steam Whistle’s Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest. Don, your wackiest retro-ski gear and don’t be afraid of looking ridiculous. Bundle up to beer up and check out our “Dressing for Craft Beer Fest Success” guide for guidance. While we’re on the subject of game changing outer wear that brings us to our next point…..  2) Wear touchscreen glove-liners. For all of you on Untappd, Roundhouse Craft Beer Fest provides an opportunity to earn badges with over a hundred varieties of Ontario craft beer available to taste. […]


Posted on January 8, 2016 by Kendra

Beer on Grocery store shelves is a new reality for consumers in Ontario. To increase the presence of Ontario Craft Beer for customers we invited 42 craft brewers to set up shop in our hall yesterday and show off their beer to various grocery decision makers. Once the trade show was finished the breweries had some extra beer to share and we decided to open this event to the public, bringing in visitors from our retail bar and using social media to invite everyone down for an impromptu craft beer fest!   The cost was free and a few lucky […]


Posted on December 23, 2015 by Kendra

When Julie McDonald of Ink Lake Creative Studio tagged us in this photo of a handmade Christmas beer bottle tree we had to get in touch and find out exactly what went into building this incredible project! How many bottles did it take? It took about 200 bottles which her boyfriend and his roommate had collected over a few months in anticipation for the Steam Whistle Christmas tree. How long did the tree take to build? After a few attempts the finished product took about 25 hours with everything from concept design, to purchasing materials to the finished product. Where […]