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Posted on June 1, 2016 by Kendra

This OCB Week, visitors to our brewery can now taste a complimentary sample of Mr. Canoehead Hoppy Red Ale from Sleeping Giant Brewing. We sat down with Matt Pearson, General Manager & Owner at Sleeping Giant Brewing in Thunder Bay to learn a little more about our friends from the North… Tell us about Sleeping Giant Brewing: What inspired the name and what does the brewery stand for? Sleeping Giant Brewing Co. is named after the Provincial Park that sits in Lake Superior protecting the bay.  The rock formation looks like a sleeping giant, and can be seen from all […]


Posted on May 17, 2016 by Kendra

With a current spotlight being shone on ownership within the craft brewing industry, we wanted to share some of our brewery’s unique Human Resource practices – employee share ownership & profit sharing among them – and the winning corporate culture which have been the hallmark of Steam Whistle Brewing. Greg and Cam have made it their life’s mission to create a workplace that employees look forward to coming to each day. At the centre of their business philosophy is the belief that “without happiness you cannot have passion, and without passion, you can’t make great beer”. And so, through deliberate […]


Posted on May 16, 2016 by Kendra

Hail the Queen! May 24th, 1819 was the birthday of Queen Victoria and when she died in 1901, May 24th became known as Victoria Day, a date to remember the late queen who was deemed the “Mother of Confederation”.  Initially the Queen was celebrated on her actual birthday but since 1952, Victoria Day has been officially moved to the last Monday preceding May 25th.  Since that time, the May 2-4 federal holiday has only actually fallen on the 24th of May eight times. Long Weekends are made for beer:  Give Canadians a day off week, add in a spectacular fireworks display […]