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Unsigned Vancouver ft Tough Lovers, We Need Surgery & Elizabeth

Steam Whistle hosts Unsigned in Vancouver!

Canadian craft brewery Steam Whistle brings back UNSIGNED Vancouver – a concert series in support of Canadian independent music artists. The Unsigned series started in Toronto four years ago, making its way to Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver with the goal of giving back and helping the growth of Canada’s indie music community.

Thursday April 11 2013, Tough Lovers, We Need Surgery and Elizabeth will take over the stage in Vancouver at Biltmore Cabaret. Doors open at 8pm and tickets are only $5 at the door with 100% of proceeds going back to the community through MusicBC.

About the bands

Tough Lovers
Through the rickety door of a faded old barn the swelling bass and thundering drums of an aspiring indie rock band regularly disturb the silence of the night. Within this rustic rehearsal space, Tough Lovers, a Vancouver based quartet, continually fine-tune their unique sound. Surrounded by discarded hay bales deemed inedible even by livestock standards and competing with the screeches of circling barn owls, the vulnerable harmonies of lead vocalist Jamie Smail are oddly in tune with the desolate surroundings. Invoking a sound that will leave you hopelessly liberated, as if soaring above civilization on the wings of an albatross, or happily confined, as if stuck in an elevator with a bottle of tequila, a Marvin Gaye record and a Kardashian sister not named Khloe, Tough Lovers will guide you on a lyrical spirit quest; songs conveying feelings of warmth and contentment complement those of emptiness and longing while fearlessly laying bare the emotions of a relentless group of young men driven for success in the unforgiving industry they love. 

We Need Surgery
We Need Surgery isn’t exactly your average hometown-buddies-start-a-band band.  It took five guys from five corners of the earth to collide in Korea to make it happen. WNS began on a Wednesday in January 2007 when Valentino Avignoni joined in on a few jam sessions with the band SunRadio. Fast forward and We Need Surgery was signed with Light Organ Records and stuffed the five-piece in Vancouver’s Armory Studios with legend Dave “Rave” Ogilvie and Fake Shark! Real Zombie! main man Kevvy Maher. In 2011 the band moved to Tokyo while waiting for their album to be mixed, mastered and released and they made their first promotional video for Go! Go! Go!, The video was directed by Takero Okubo and produced by Motoki Yamaguchi of Space Shower TV. In 2012 found the band in Vancouver writing material for their next album during the summer and release of the album in Sept.  We Need Surgery is currently preparing for a 2013 tour and major North American (and hopefully Japan) festivals. 

HAZARDS, HORRORS AND LIABILITIES is the title of the follow  up to ELIZABETH’s debut album  FIRST EXCOMMUNICATIONS, which gave us our first glimpse of the Vancouver quartet’s unabashed embrace of English song writing and vocal rejection of the trendy trappings of contemporary indie dogma.
The band’s kinetic sound and take no prisoners live show has placed them onstage alongside the likes of The Temper Trap, The Cribs w/Johnny Marr, British Sea Power, The Raveonettes, Arctic Monkeys, The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, Metric, Les Savy Fav, TV on The Radio, The Organ, Hot Hot Heat and Death From Above 1979.
HAZARDS, HORRORS AND LIABILITIES is a love letter to the music of the band’s formative years. We’re not sure what that means exactly but we look forward to finding out. 


About Steam Whistle UNSIGNED:
Steam Whistle UNSIGNED is an ongoing concert series that showcases Canada’s indie music talent, while also developing its future. Hosted in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver each edition of UNSIGNED features three Canadian artists with all of the ticket sales going back to the arts community through organizations such as Artists’ Health Centre Foundation and Music BC. UNSIGNED has to date featured over 70 independent Canadian acts and have raised over $70,000 for local artists.  
Previous bands who played UNSIGNED include: The Rural Alberta Advantage, Austra, The Darcys, Young Empires, Rich Aucoin, The Balconies, Woodhands, Dinosaur Bones, Lioness, Parallels, Make Your Exit, Hooded Fang and Kidstreet.

Event Details

Date: Thursday, April 11, 2013
Event Type: Party
Location: Biltmore Cabaret (Vancouver)
Time: 8pm
Ticket: $5 at the door